Feminist Library Ephemera

Compiled by the Feminist Library over forty years the ephemera collection offers an insights to the Women’s Liberation Movement and Third Wave Feminism in the UK. The collection provides evidence of activism, local groups and community initiatives, some of which were temporary or short-lived. The leaflets, flyers and circulars which make up the collection cover a wide range of topics including: 

Collage of ephemera- women's groups and community groups
- publications and book launches
- theatre and the arts
- heritage and libraries
- health and well-being services, 
- services for new immigrants 
- political action and activism
- exhibitions and events
- campaigns and solidarity action

Cataloging and digitisation of the Feminist Library Ephemera is on-going although much of the ephemera can be access through our online catalogue. Please choose the 'advance search' option and enter FL/EPH in the 'archive reference' field.