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Narrowly Avoiding a Life Sentence

Charles Horrickey was old friend to Arthur, and in 1926 he asked Arthur for a favour. Another chap, called Moey Levy, one of the biggest terrors in Aldgate, had beaten up Horrickey and Arthur was called upon for a revenge attack. At the point of asking, Arthur was a little bit drunk and, rather foolishly, went down in the depths of night and the pouring rain, to see Levy.

Arthur used just a couple of words, something of a warning not to mess around with Horrickey again. After this was said, Horrickey, completely by surprise, pulled out a razor blade and gave Levy a cut right across his face. Levy bolted, but Horrickey fired shots at him whilst he was running, leaving Arthur sobered to the fact that he simply should never have accepted this vendetta request. 

The ”bleedin’ swine” Horrickey blamed it on Arthur, saying that it was him that cut Levy and him that fired the shots. Arthur was remanded in custody for six weeks, in which time he had to be placed under observation because he was getting so paranoid and unsettled about spending a possible life sentence away from his wife and child.

Thankfully, Arthur was cleared by Levy’s testimony. It absolved him fully from the attack with the razor blade, but the fact that it was pouring very hard with rain meant that they wouldn’t have known if Arthur had fired the shots or not. On cross examining, they discovered there to be no evidence that Arthur was carrying a gun or razor and so Arthur was cleared. 

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