Arthur despised the type of people who went in for living off the girls (pimping). He would clump them together with husbands who let their wives go out and earn the living for the whole family whilst the men stayed at home. If he saw someone like that in a pub he couldn’t have a drink with them, he would have to insult them and mock them.

There were two types of ‘brides’ (prostitutes): higher class and lower class. The former tended to hang around taxi cab ranks or coffee shops very late at night. They would earn a lot of money and be driven home in fancy cabs. The latter would hang mainly around Flower and Dean Street on the poorer end of Brick Lane, and were called ‘fourpenny touches’ or ‘kneetremblers’. Some of Jack the Ripper’s victims were ‘fourpenny touches’. If the girl thought that the punter was a ‘chump’ she would often steal money from him. To do this, the girl would quote an inflated price and then disappear round the corner, supposedly to get the key to the room. When she came back she would say ‘I’ll have to take the money off you first’, disappear round the corner again, and never come back.

Arthur’s first sexual experience was with a bride. He had a bet that he could get with her and did, ending up going upstairs to her room. This was the first time he’d ever been in a room with a bed covering. Afterwards they were talking and Arthur told her how lovely she was and how he wanted to take her away from everything. He ended up feeling very sick throughout the day because of it and vowed never to go with another bride again. The next woman he slept with was his wife.

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