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Chapters 1-10

Arthur Harding as a boyThe early chapters of Harding's autobiography deal with his childhood, family life and upbringing in 'The Nichol' and Bethnal Green. It also describes his time as a Barnardo's boy, his early criminal activities, leading to his conviction for stealing rags in 1902, and conditions in Holloway and Wormwood Scrubs prisons. These chapters also deal with Harding's submissions to the Royal Commission on the Metropolitan Police in 1908. 

Chapter 1- Childhood

Chapter 2- Dr Barnardo's Homes

Chapter 3 - Boyhood in Victorian London

Chapter 4 - Arrested and Charged with Larceny

Chapter 5 - Holloway Prison, 1902

Chapter 7 - Borstal, 1903-1904

Chapter 8 - Gibraltar Gardens, 1908

Chapter 9 - The Royal Commission on the Police, 1908

Chapter 10 - Corporal Punishment