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Socialist History Society at Bishopsgate Library

The Socialist History Society (SHS) was founded in 1992. Its members include many of Britain's leading socialist and labour historians, both academic and amateur. The SHS holds regular events, public meetings and one-off conferences, and contributes to current historical debates and controversies. The society produces a range of publications, including the journal Socialist History.

The SHS is the successor to the Communist Party History Group, established in 1946. The society is now entirely independent of all political parties and groups. It is engaged in, and seeks to encourage, historical studies from a Marxist and broadly-defined left perspective. It is concerned with every aspect of human history from early social formations to the present day. It is particularly interested in the struggles of labour, women, progressive and peace movements throughout the world, as well as the movements and achievements of colonial peoples, black people, and other oppressed communities in seeking justice, human dignity and liberation.

We will be delighted to host more events in the Library soon.