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Preserving Protest at Bishopsgate Institute

Help us record the history of protest in the digital age.

Since 1895, the archives at the Library at Bishopsgate Institute have documented the history of protest and campaigning in British society. This includes the records of the two largest protest actions in British history, the Reform League demonstration in 1866 and the march against the Iraq War in 2003.

The Library now holds seminal documents in the history of protest, from the minute book of the First International Working Men’s Association through to David Gentleman’s iconic poster designs for the anti-Iraq War movement.

It is important that a record of today’s radical endeavours is preserved for current and future generations. In order to continue to document the history of protest, Bishopsgate Institute is undertaking a new project to capture the digital archives and websites of contemporary campaigning organisations.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about preserving your digital materials at Bishopsgate Institute on: preservingprotest@bishopsgate.org.uk