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Swing Den at Bishopsgate Institute

Put on your dancing shoes and Lindy Hop away at Bishopsgate Institute! Join us for our Swing dance socials run in partnership with Swing Patrol.

Our monthly socials Bishopsgate Swing are for dancers of all levels with a taster class and vintage DJs, plus guest live bands such as Oliver's Dime Notes, Cable Street Rag Band, Down for the Count or University of London Big Band.

We also have Swing Den socials aimed at beginners (though everyone is welcome) with a taster lesson and two teachers on hand throughout the evening.

Book up now for a very special night - A night for getting together and celebrating the Swing Patrol community. The event is an amazing chance to spend time with your classmates, meet people from other venues and, of course, do a whole lot of dancing...

Here's more information on our booking page and on the Swing Patrol website  

And then there's...


Combining fun, easy swing dance inspired moves and joyful music into an effective cardio workout, these lunchtime classes to get your heart pumping and put a smile on your face. Making the most of your lunch time and helping you to get fit through swing dance-inspired exercise classes, set to electro swing, Charleston, gospel and blues tunes.  

Now available to Drop - in

Click to book your single early morning session 

or your single lunchtime session or simply pay at our front desk. 

[Please note we have changing rooms with showers and lockers right next to the dance studio. ]

Check out all of our social dancing events online.

Other dancing... Want to learn more? 

 This Spring sees new format courses which introduce students to a whole range of different dances in Ballroom and Latin. It's a great chance for both beginners and those revisiting ballroom and latin dancing to familiarise themselves with the essentials in the experienced hands of  Nick Miles and his team

Click the course titles below for more information 

An Introduction to the Ballroom Dances 

Wednesday 18 January - 22 February

An Introduction to the Latin Dances

Wednesday 08 March - Wednesday 12 April

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