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  • Walking Tours - East End's Russian Revolution
  • Walking Tours - Defending the City
  • Walking Tours - Brick Lane Battlegrounds, 1970s
  • Walking Tours - Hidden Hackney
  • An Introduction to Victorian and Edwardian Architecture
  • The Changing City - Building in the Square Mile
  • Walking Tours - The Way of the River Wandle
  • Crime and Punishment in London
  • London 1918
  • Welcome to the East End
  • Tribunes of the People - Changing the East End
  • Unreal City: London in Literature, 1800 to Today
  • Walking Tours - Victorian Slums Transformed

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  • A History of Print and Printing
  • Film Studies - Martin Scorsese
  • From Hogarth to Cruikshank - Graphic Satire
  • Film Studies - Hollywood Cinema of the 1970s
  • The Fight for Representation (1819-1918)

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  • Sources of Inspiration - Fiction Writing Workshop with K.J Orr
  • Writing Audio Drama (Radio and Podcasts)

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