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Tours through Time

We have four brand new Archive Tours available to book this term.

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Bishopsgate Institute has been collecting books, maps, photographs and other material about London since opening in 1895 and is now a must visit for anyone interested in the history of the Metropolis. Join this tour to hear about celebrity detectives, gangsters, how to track a Victorian business and what happened to a rowdy group of builders drinking on top of a tall building in 1806.

Labour, Co-op and Socialist Collections

Why did the Institute lock away one book in the 1920s fearing it would cause world revolution? Find out this and much more in a tour of its extensive collections documenting the history of socialism, the labour movement and co-operation. ‘Divi’ numbers may be required!

Protest and Campaign Collections

Did you know Bishopsgate Institute holds the archives of the two biggest demonstrations in British history? This tour will introduce you to numerous campaigners and organisations whose collections we hold, from radicals of the 1790s to placards from the London Women’s March in 2017.

LGBTQ Collections

What’s in those Vicar’s scrapbooks and how many lesbian pulp fiction novels could one library hold? Bishopsgate Institute is a treasure trove of LGBTQ history with archives, cuttings, badges and banners, even a wizard’s costume and by the end of this tour, you’ll know all about them.

For page or stage

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Over the 6 sessions, aspiring playwriters will discover how to structure narrative, create characters and craft dialogue, giving you the tools needed to shape the first draft of a play. This course will include a workshop with professional actors in order to understand the writer’sqq collaborative role in creating work for performance.

Creative Writing

Through practical writing exercises, visualisations and storytelling, you will tap into your own stories as a rich resource for fiction and nonfiction writing. You will experiment with various writing techniques and focus on different aspects of the writer’s craft in a safe and non-judgemental environment. No experience is necessary.

Creative Writing - Life Writing.

Life Writing is a creative writing programme that explores autobiographical writing, memoir, personal essays, creative non-fiction, biographical writing, family histories and other types of writing that draw on life. Students will both generate original creative ideas for writing and develop craft and technique – using a range of published texts, individual writing exercises and group workshops.


The early uccello catches the verme 

Ancora Espresso Italiano

Designed for early risers who want to move on and improve their italian? Perhaps you’ve previously completed our Espresso Italiano course? Or feel that an Italian Level 2: Module A course is right for you? Then come and join us for a cup of coffee and this early morning Italian class. 


From ‘Breathless’ to ‘Boyhood’

Film Studies: The French New Wave

Explore how la nouvelle vague revolutionised cinema in the ‘50s influencing filmmakers to this day, remaining the epitome of cool. You will learn about the key films, practitioners and stylistic qualities of the French New Wave, and consider its impact on subsequent film-making. Film extracts will include The 400 Blows, Breathless, Cléo from 5 to 7, Band of Outsiders, The Cousins and Last Year at Marienbad.

Film Studies: Great Films of the 21st Century

The 21st century has seen changes to both the way films are made and viewed. A recent BBC poll of worldwide film critics voted Mulholland Drive, In the Mood for Love, There Will Be Blood, Spirited Away, and Boyhood as the top 5 greatest films made in this decade. In this course, you will view extracts of these films in class and learn about the creators, production and reception, and consider what makes a ‘great film’.

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