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Courses and workshops for those with limited time

Juggling work, family and social commitments leaves little in the way of time to expand the mind and learn new skills. It's not always possible to commit to courses that stretch off into future dates.   So, we've been developing our programme to take this into account, and this term we are offering even more enrichening one day courses and introductory primers to a host of subjects, to make the most of those precious few hours of your spare time.

Archive Tours

Our Special Collections and Archives are at the heart of Bishopsgate Institute, full of materials which tell the stories f everyday people in London and across the United Kingdom. We've created special archive tours that focus in and explore various themes and that last for just an hour. They are intended as a low-price option to equip visitors with enough knowledge to be able to return for further study in their own time.

Archive Tour - London Collections
Archive Tour - Labour, Co-op and Socialist Collections
Archive Tour - Protest and Campaigning Collections
Archive Tour - LGBTQ Collections

Archive Tour - Women's & Feminist History