Languages course outlines and information

Are you looking to learn a new language or have you just enrolled on a language course?

Our popular language courses are suitable for work and pleasure, and cater for a range of abilities from complete beginners to the more fluent. Whether learning a new language for your next holiday, for work, to be able to speak to friends and family or just for your own enjoyment, we are sure to have a course suitable for you.

All of our courses are taught by native speakers and are run in very small classes. Please note that our lunchtime courses run twice a week for 50 mins and the evening courses run once a week for two hours.

If you do not see your level advertised, please contact us as we may be able to provide additional courses if there is sufficient demand.

Languages Open Day

Not sure what level you need to be or which course will suit you? Our Languages Open Day is a chance to drop in and speak to our tutors and get help and information to find the course that will suit you. The open day occurs about a week or two before the start of each term. Please check our news feed for the date each term.

No need to book an appointment, just come along to our lunchtime or evening sessions where you’ll have the chance to speak to tutors from our French, Italian and Spanish courses. We’ll also have staff to answer queries about Arabic, Chinese Mandarin, German and Russian, and you’ll be able to enrol on any of our courses on the day.

Language Textbooks

You may need to buy a textbook to follow your chosen language course. Your tutor will advise you which book to buy during your first class. The approximate cost of the book is £20 and it can be used over two to three courses.   

For more information about language courses, please contact us via email or phone: 020 7392 9200. Take a look at the outlines below to discover the topics covered on our language courses:

If you are unsure about your level or you do not see your progression level advertised, please contact us on 020 7392 9200 or email.